Friday, 17 September 2010

Showing Kurds what can happen to them

Turkish security forces used anti-tank mines to kill a minibus full of civilians, including women and children. Nine people died. Four people, one of them a baby is seriously injured. This event was much different than Guclukonak incident because it was designed to send a message to the public about what can happen to them if they don't act the way Turkey expects them. The minibus exploded 2 Kms from the village of Geçitli (Peyanis) of Hakkari (Colemerg) where the recent referendum was boycotted. The village used to be korucu (para military forces used by the military for operations against the PKK) but they laid down their arms and didn't want to fight the PKK. The Turkish military has been pressuring the village into taking up arms and against the PKK. Two Turkish Military backpacks filled with explosives, TSK manuals, a mortar shell (made by MKE -TSK armament supplier-) made into a road side bomb, can food (tuna fish, chocolate, coke -the food the TSK special forces possess-). The explosion, of course, occurred under the nose of a military garrison full of latest military hardware including Cobra helicopters and commandos.

Prime minister Erdogan and President Gul implied that PKK was responsible although the PKK denied involvement immediately. These two state men failed to explain all the military gear left behind by the TSK thugs. They failed to explain one more very, very important point. Whenever there is a PKK activity, there is immediately an operation with Cobras, Herons, F16s, and thousands of soldiers. There was nothing this time.

Any sensible state would have immediately traced the serial numbers of the explosives and the mortar shell recovered. Why hasn't Turkey done that yet?

Can it be that Erdogan and Gul are trying to avoid retaliatory remarks from their Israeli counterparts?

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Can Kurds trust the Turkish State?

Setting the feelings aside and speaking of experience, the answer is no. Turkish state has always promised something to Kurds and always changed its mind about the promises made. This goes back to the start of the republic. The latest example is the peace groups who came from Qandil Mountain and Maxmur Refugee Camp in South Kurdistan. They arrived in October 2009 with promises from the state and the government. They were tried on 17 June 2010 and arrested. ANF has the story.

Where are those who kept talking "this time it will be different" and "the Kurds must trust the state and the government this time"? Well???

Sunday, 25 April 2010

ECHR Convicted Turkey of Extrajudicial Killings

Well, well, what do we know? The "model for democracy in the region" has earned another star on it's shoulder. It's been convicted again by the ECHR. Here is an excerpt from bianet:
The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) convicted Turkey of violating article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights on "the Right to Life".

The operation subject the ECHR's decision was carried out in Adana on 18 October 1999 upon an unsigned notification that had been submitted to the Adana Police. In the notification it was claimed that a certain private home was a cell of the militant leftist Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C).

22-year-old Erdiç Arslan, who was in the house during the raid, and 32-year-old Murat Bektaş, who lived next door, were killed by the police in the course of the operation.

According to the ECHR, the official detention and seizure report prepared subsequent to the raid was signed by 40 police officers, trials were filed against six police officers on the grounds of "killing people".

Germany can be proud of herself for the monster she created.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

1,144 Kurdish Politicians were Arrested in 2009

This post makes use of data appeared in Özgür Gündem which used the data from the Diyarbakır (Amed) branch of the İHD's report on the arrests in Kurdistan. In 2009, a total of 1444 Kurdish politicians were arrested. I went ahead and tabulated the data so we can do some analysis.

Month Detained Arrested
April539 265
May184 67
June 362129
Apr-Dec Total33571142
Grand Total44751444

Let's state some facts now so we can examine the data and draw some meaningful conclusions.

It is usually a trend to have a high number Kurds getting arrested during every February and March. This is because February is the month Mr. Öcalan was kidnapped and brought to Turkey and March is the month Kurds remember Halabca Massacre. 21st of March is Newroz and the reaction of Turkish security forces to Kurds have been violent and oppressive. Countless videos on YouTube shows police beating up defenseless kids and women during Newroz celebrations. So, since we established that the January-March quarter seems to be fitting the old trend and can be considered "normal" by the thugs of the fascist regime. The experience also suggests that after Newroz things usually "calm" down and the arrests/detainments usually slow down until the next cycle. Well, obviously 2009 was different.

What was so different about April-December, the three remaining quarters of 2009? 3357 Kurds active in politics were detained and 1142 of them were arrested in this 9-months period. Well, the Kurdish party Democratic Society Party (DTP) won a major victory in local elections in Kurdistan and the local elections were held on March 29, 2009. Of course, it took sometime for the official results to be announced. Despite all the state (including military and police) support the AK Party had in the region, including giving away washing machines and food in combination with advice from security and state officers about for whom the Kurds should vote, sprinkled with Kurdish votes being stolen and burned here and there, DTP accomplished a major victory in Kurdistan. AKP and the Generals were furious. One of AK Party's major figures, Chicken Little Çiçek, has basically said that "They [Kurds] are now at the gates of Armenia and we have to assess this situation very carefully and act accordingly". This statement was in effect the same with what the Generals said: "We are assessing the outcome of local elections carefully".

So the arrests of Kurdish politicians begun on April 14 and continued. DTP was closed on 11 December 2009 and even some shepherd was banned from participating in politics with the allegation of being a DTP politician.

The arrest wave in December of 2009 was the last major blow by the AK Party government and state to Kurdish politicians so that the AK Party may get some votes in Kurdistan when elections come up in 2011 or should AK Party decides to hold early elections.

Recently Kurdish politicians were lined up and handcuffed. The picture was widely circulated on the Turkish media to make sure Kurds get the message of what can happen to them if they ask for their rights. These politicians have had nothing to do with any kind of violence. What they did was to greet their people in Kurdish at political meetings but their main crime was to speak for Kurds and defend their rights under a legal political party. The arrests of Kurdish politicians have continued in January. I will incorporate that data when I get my hands on it.

I never trusted the AK Party and the state about the so called "Kurdish Initiative" which was later renamed as "Democratic Initiative" and now renamed as "National Unity Initiative". I am sure the AK Party and the state are proud of themselves as they can do all these things to Kurds and still be referred as "an advanced democracy" by their masters.