Friday, 17 September 2010

Showing Kurds what can happen to them

Turkish security forces used anti-tank mines to kill a minibus full of civilians, including women and children. Nine people died. Four people, one of them a baby is seriously injured. This event was much different than Guclukonak incident because it was designed to send a message to the public about what can happen to them if they don't act the way Turkey expects them. The minibus exploded 2 Kms from the village of Geçitli (Peyanis) of Hakkari (Colemerg) where the recent referendum was boycotted. The village used to be korucu (para military forces used by the military for operations against the PKK) but they laid down their arms and didn't want to fight the PKK. The Turkish military has been pressuring the village into taking up arms and against the PKK. Two Turkish Military backpacks filled with explosives, TSK manuals, a mortar shell (made by MKE -TSK armament supplier-) made into a road side bomb, can food (tuna fish, chocolate, coke -the food the TSK special forces possess-). The explosion, of course, occurred under the nose of a military garrison full of latest military hardware including Cobra helicopters and commandos.

Prime minister Erdogan and President Gul implied that PKK was responsible although the PKK denied involvement immediately. These two state men failed to explain all the military gear left behind by the TSK thugs. They failed to explain one more very, very important point. Whenever there is a PKK activity, there is immediately an operation with Cobras, Herons, F16s, and thousands of soldiers. There was nothing this time.

Any sensible state would have immediately traced the serial numbers of the explosives and the mortar shell recovered. Why hasn't Turkey done that yet?

Can it be that Erdogan and Gul are trying to avoid retaliatory remarks from their Israeli counterparts?