Sunday, 4 October 2009

How Do The Turkish State's Terrorists Get Promoted?

A 14 year old Kurdish girl Ceylan Onkol was tending her sheep in a Kurdish village on the outskirts of Amed (Diyarbakir). She was hit by a missile or shell fired from a Turkish Military (TSK) garrison. She was hit in the groin area and blown into pieces. The public prosecutor didn't go to the area, neither did a doctor. It was a complete cover up of terrorism against children in Kurdistan, terrorism by the TSK.

Whenever the fascist state tries to protect its terrorists it uses the excuse of "the investigations are underway". How do you conduct investigations without following proper procedures beats me but that's another story. We want to high light something else. We want to know how many of the Turkish state terrorists have ended up behind bars because they torture and kill even children. Do you know what happened to the police officers who broke Cuneyt Ertus' arm? What happened to those who were captured in Şirnex (Şirnak) while planting bombs to kill civilians? What happened to TSK terrorist Col. Cemal Temizöz? Col. Temizöz is on trial for hundreds of extra judicial killings and torturing civilians. The prosecutor is asking for multiple times of life time sentences for him but guess what? He is still on duty.

We remember the Uğur Kaymaz incident. On Sunday 21 November 2004 a 12 year old Kurdish boy was killed by police officers. He was shot multiple times at point blank range from his back. On 18 June 2009, the High Tribunal Court ruled that the police who shot Ugur from his back have acted in self defence. The police chief Kemal Dönmez who was involved in murdering of Uğur Kaymaz was promoted. Kemal Dönmez was promoted despite his known ties to the Ergenekon terror organization of the terrorist state.

So, really, what happens after these investigations? These terrorists continue their jobs and receive promotions.

Before you try to talk about legitimacy of a terrorist state and blame the existence of Kurdish freedom fighters to justify the terrorist actions of the Turkish state, I recommend you read about the Dersim genocide and the Zilan massacre. Both of these happened way before the Kurdish freedom fighters were around.

Put yourself into the shoes of the family members or friends of those children and then answer this. Do you understand why Kurdish defence forces exist?

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